First Review of Waiting's End Album!

This is the first ever review of my solo piano album, Waiting's End. From Contemporary Fusion!
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Emotionally charged solo piano KeithTim Anderson – WAITING’S END:  This is my first exposure to KeithTim’s excellent solo piano; each song is jam-packed with a full range of emotions, and will bring emotions back to the surface that you’d thought long gone.  One of the best examples of his skill is the beautiful 5:52 “Hope Again“… I especially love the way he uses the upper registers to “brighten” the song, and his pacing is just excellent on this piece – you’ll find yourself listening to it over and over again, I’ve no doubt. 

Though it’s not from this album [actually, it's been renamed to "Somewhere Out There"], you’ll find KeithTim’s video of his song “Starlight” quite enchanting… 

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KeithTim says that he’s “mainly been a singer/songwriter, but recently, I’ve gone back to my roots of composing solo piano music“… his talent for “roots music” is clearly evident on the 5:24 opener, “Autumn Rain“… you’ll find yourself wandering down brisk pathways with leaves floating down as you remember seasons that have been good to you… I can easily see this piece being nominated for (and WINNING) solo piano awards! 

It won’t be difficult to picture tucking your kids in to the lullaby-like strains of “Rest Awhile“… a perfect piece of music for igniting dreams of fairy-dust and peaceful slumber… again, KeithTim’s pacing draws the magic forth in full glory. 

It was truly easy to pick my personal favorite of the eleven songs KeithTim offers up for your aural pleasure… “Long Ago” takes the listener gently through memoryland, and weaves wonderment through inspiring music, to be sure… I believe we should be playing music like this in all of our children’s classrooms… we would be living in a much more peaceful world if we did that! 

I give KeithTim a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this excellent solo piano debut CD, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98… get more information about this highly talented artist on the KeithTim website.          Rotcod Zzaj


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